Who am I and what am I about?

2016 was a rough year for me. It was filled with heartache, confusion, stress and anxiety. New friends were made whilst some were lost and food was unfortunately my constant companion. In the end however, I made it. I beat it. I outlasted it.

I have vowed to make 2017 the year where everything changes. New years resolutions were completed but somehow this year they have meaning to me. I want to succeed. 2017 will be my year!

Last year I successfully completed my final year and now currently hold a degree in Applied Biology, Marine Biology and Evolution and ecology, and much to my surprise i was awarded distinctions for two of those subjects! This has helped lead me on my path to complete my Honours in Marine Biology this year. Not just to complete it but to annihilate it and make it my bitch (metaphorically of course).


This year I have also made it my goal to be more confident, self-aware and to lead a somewhat healthy lifestyle ( pizza is still allowed). I want to nurture and grow relationships worth holding on to whilst discarding those toxic to my life.

Finally I want to immerse myself in the world around me, I want to explore, adventure, read and be involved. I want to have a passion and no longer be a sideline bench warmer that watches as life passes me by. I want to be more and live more!

One way for me to accomplish this is to get out of my shell and do what I have always yearned for. To start a blog that will reach out somewhere and connect with at least one person.So that’s what I am doing, starting a blog about the life I live and the ways in which we can lead a healthy and sustainable life that not only benefits us but mother nature and the creatures she harbors.

What will you find here if you choose to continue?

  • Life updates¬†
  • Sustainable living
  • Thoughts and opinions
  • Cool photographs taken by yours truly
  • DIY projects
  • Book reviews
  • Environmental issues and their solutions
  • Science stuff : Latest in marine research

And probably much much more.

Until then lovelies.